Lao Marin

Aguahara – Dança na Água

Nascida em Berlim e cidadã do mundo, Lao Marin teve o seu momento de life-changing em 2012. Acontece a muitas pessoas que têm encontros inesperados com este fascinante universo das terapias aquáticas: há um dia em que tudo muda. Desde aí tem estudado intensamente as práticas de aguahara e dança na água. Há cerca de um ano fundou a Somaquatics, onde desenvolve um trabalho pessoal e comunitário através de sessões individuais, workshops, cursos e retiros. Tornou-se terapeuta, cuidadora, ativista e professora, viajou para vários lugares onde explorou as suas técnicas e partilhou conhecimento com diferentes facilitadores desta área. Foi assim que nasceu a ideia de fazer um projecto chamado Temple of Water, que reúne uma comunidade dedicada a experiências na água, sejam elas artísticas, de cura ou até políticas. Nesta rede de contactos e vontade de conhecer o mundo e cada cultura, é fluente em alemão (a sua língua-mãe), inglês, espanhol e português.

A experiência de uma sessão individual com a Lao é por isso um momento único, onde todos os seus conhecimentos provenientes da dança e do tempo a que pratica e ensina aguahara, fazem desse momento, algo bastante especial que aconselhamos.

Ofer Rosenthal

Teraphist – Teacher


It was through the Psychology and Special Education course at the University of Bologna that Ofer Rosenthal arrived at water therapies. Further study for a thesis brought him closer to the enormous possibilities that dolphin therapies offer. At the same time, he became a freediver. The Dead Sea is his home, his temple where he dedicates much of his time, in an endless discovery of the benefits of water. About this change in her life, she says: “until today I have never stopped studying breathing, manual therapy, dance, movement disciplines, psychology, anatomy, ecotherapy, nutrition, music therapy, medicinal plants, spiritual practice, everything that enriches the meaning of life. life and is part of collective art.”

His favorite environment is the wild waters, but Ofer has traveled the world, taking his experience to countless places, both as a therapist and as a trainer in the modality he created: Flydeeper. One of his favorite sites is LiquidZome, and on it we leave his words in English (because some things get lost in translation):

“Liquid Zome is a temple of Love for water and earth,
is the Haven of Trust
it’s a Discovery Channel of the mind and the soul
the sacred geometry the lights
the cork isolation…
the hosts that driven for pleasure
the vision
many pool are active in the world, this is a big move with the fin towards infinity.”

Kfir Kol

I have been an athlete my entire life and started playing water polo at age 10. As an adult, I have found a balance between bodywork and different mind-body healing treatments and therapy. I am trained in hydrotherapy and when my (now 17-year-old) daughter was born I started observing and learning babies’ movement in the water. Currently I make a living working with babies in the water. I am also trained in Water Dance, Watsu, Healing Dance, Shiatsu, Thai massage, Yoga and Pilates.

Omer Shenar

Therapist – Trainer

Watsu – Jahara – Water Dance – Aguahara – Aqua Stretch – Bad Ragaz – Pilates
Shiatsu – Craniosacral – Animo-Tuina – Myofascial Release

Omer combines the best of both worlds: he integrates conventional western physical therapy principles
with holistic methods of care more known in the East. His training as a hydrotherapist (in
Wingate Institute in Israel) was directed towards rehabilitation which he practiced intensely for the last seven years., working 

at the Sheba medical center in Tel Aviv, ranked as one of the best
hospitals in the world. The experience he gained led him to understand that each person has
its own needs and that there are no hard lines in the healing and treatment processes. This is his
philosophy: to find balance in working the body, mind and spirit as
a whole, without forcing anyone into uncomfortable situations.
As a therapist, Omer brings together several strands and chooses those that best adapt to
each person. He is a connoisseur of human anatomy and physiology with immense experience in physical and traumatic rehabilitation. 

With the evolution of his knowledge and development of a partnership with Flothetta (a line of specifically designed accessories for aquatic sessions, created by Unnur Valdís) , he created ‘Float Therapy’, a deeply meditative technique that he teaches in trainings all over the world.

When in Portugal, he regularly works with us at the LiquidZome.
Instagram: omer_shenar
Facebook: /omer.shenar.7

Shira Maim Haim

WATER DANCE – Hydrotherapist

She was born and has been living in Israel and since 2012 she has been making her professional and spiritual path linked to water.

Her areas of investigation are Hydrotherapy, Watsu, Watsu for Newborns, Flydeeper, Water Dance and Fluid Presence.

In recent years, she has studied and carried out deep research in search for answers to basic questions:

– How can we use water as a “self-healing” tool?

– How does water affect our bodies, hearts and souls?

– How can we impact water with our intentions and prayers?


These fascinating topics lead her to the deepest, truest connection to the element and towards having an even greater gratitude towards living water.

Moved by the passion of her work, Shira travels the world to facilitate treatments, whether to newborns, pregnant women, people in need of Hydrotherapy treatments or anyone looking for a good session. When in Portugal, she works with us at the LiquidZome.


“I love the water

Water rises through me

And you bring out my greatest achievements

the master in me

And the forces that are within me”


Shira: Thank you for the opportunity to support body, heart and soul.

Us: Thank you for contributing to the development of our project with humility and love.

Tiago Paraíso

Flydeeper – Aquatic Healing Arts

Water therapies are his passion.

The “road” of life has brought him to this path. After a serious injury that left him limited in the movement of his back, only with the practice of aquatic therapies was he able to heal. This process was so transforming in his life, that since then he has been connected in his training and transmission of this knowledge and presence.

He has training in therapies such as Flydeeper, Watsu, Liquid Touch and others, in addition to his Masters in Psychology and a Post Graduation in Biostatistics.
Tiago is one of the aquatic facilitators at LiquidZome and believes that every being has a deep desire to be heard. He loves to listen. Allow him to hear you through the water.

Hugo Paulino

SOMATIQUA – Integrative Aquatic Therapy

He began his aquatic journey in 2014, since then participating in various Watsu, Water Dance, IAT (Pre Natal Journey) trainings and in several Watsu workshops. He also attended advanced training in Somatic Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Massage (Shiatsu).
While self-taught, he deepened practices of somato-emotional liberation and breathing.
All this learning served as the basis for his work in water which he calls Somatiqua, an aquatic therapy that integrates the psycho-emotional and bio-spiritual dimensions. It is a creative experience of expression, movement, touch, contact, which mobilizes your internal resources for repair, regulation and transformation of the body and mind.

For Hugo, it is important to create moments with a positive impact on people’s lives, so that they are inspired to take care of themselves … naturally.

Violeta Lapa

Aquatic Movement – Aquatic Therapy – Dance in water

Violeta is a person with an enormous sensitivity and went through a unique journey in discovering the element of water. Until a few years ago, she was afraid of the sea and big waves, a phobia that limited her and created constraints. She learned to swim and dance underwater. She then devoted himself to this vocation and her journey has been incredible. Founder of Oceans and Flow, she has taken dozens of people around the world on experiences that merge awareness of movement (or lack of) on land and water. Her main influences are Watsu, Flydeeper, Aquatic Doula, Embryology in water, psychological studies, free diving, sound healing with Tibetan bowls in water, meditation, Ai Chi, Yoga and Dragon Dreaming.

She researches the body “through different arts and body techniques, dancing in the water, freediving in apnea and more recently bodysurfing.” It was in the water that she found a purpose and a mission: “to take her message to more people and everything that this precious element allows us, facilitating experiences of self-knowledge and body awareness, through a unique set of experiences of reconnection with the water and with nature.”

Rita Maldonado

Aguahara – Flydeeper

She grew up by the sea and always felt surrounded by its strength. She studied Biology and developed a perpetual curiosity about the human body and the elements that make up life. She became a researcher, looking for the mysteries of anatomy and physiology. She discovered that “there are many ways to cure physical illnesses”, and “that the cure goes beyond drugs.” Her encounter with water therapies was a kind of fusion of childhood roots with a thirst for knowledge about well-being and what makes us better.

“I went back to basics. I returned to my great passion”, she says. She has traveled the world, from Nepal to Ecuador, always in a learning process. Her talent is also directed towards doula work, providing support during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. One aspect of this follow-up is to combine the doula experience with aquatic therapies. About LiquidZome she says it is “the temple of water. A place to flow, to dive into the true essence, to transform ourselves into the best version of ourselves.”

Marina Sans

Liquid Cosmos

Each Marina session is unique, thought out and conducted according to her reading of the person receiving that experience. Her incredible “sense-ability” and unique philosophy developed overtime, make her a subtle and precise reader of the body’s needs. Her work is as delicate as it is profound. After going through the learning and practice of Watsu, Aguahara and Butoh Dance, among other techniques of aquatic therapies, Marina created Liquid Cosmos (Somatic Education for Aquatic Bodywork). She is a deep connoisseur of the human body and her research on anatomy is in continuous evolution. She is fascinated by the discovery of the other and dedicated to water and to the awareness of touch.
She grew up on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, her name is Marina and she is a Pisces. Someone likely born to be aquatic… Before devoting herself 100% to Somatics in water, her work involved directing documentaries in the fields of anthropology and sociology. She spent long periods with tribes in the Amazon and Africa, where she enriched her connection to nature and to ancestral wisdom. Nowadays, she dedicates most of her time giving sessions at LiquidZome and training new therapists around the world, as it is also through this sharing of knowledge that she discovers more about human beings and herself.