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We will be back soon

In this flowing frame of time, this is how we feel:
While our worlds were turned inside,
we stopped running to reconnect with Earth and ourselves. Never before have we stopped so physically, being so much more spiritually active at the same time. Much more present. More conscious. More grateful.

We hear better. Feel better. See better. Taste better! We can breathe again. We are again conscious about Life, and that we are living creatures in motion, constantly reorganizing, self regulating beings, evolving in It. We are plants. We are animals. We are stars. We are the universe itself.

But in the way somehow we all got our minds too busy and our hearts too fast. We thought we knew better, now we realize we were to distracted to pay attention. Now we also Listen better.

As our steps outside were limited by this external pandemonium, inside we ran more free and wildly through the depths of our spirits, with our guides, with our lights, our shadows too. We re-acknowledged where we are and family and care and food and what it means to be healthy. We were resilient, and danced and talked and laughed more than before. Love became clearly essencial to facing everyday. We faced fears and chose what to do with them. Saw the big picture. We are all here now, and that’s a gift.

We are One. Interconnected eternally, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, until the universe bring us home again. We must, whenever possible, choose better. Not worse. But it sometimes happens. As sickness and health. We shall deal
with it and overcome it. Balance is key.

We know the roads we want to take, we know the options, we have the information. We choose carefully what resonates and vibrate accordingly. Each other path we might get lost, but we don’t stop looking. We don’t quit. What we dream, what we project, how we send our vibration out there, makes all the difference. So we wish to send you this image:

Around here, we are planting fruit trees, organizing a new permaculture garden (and greenhouse!) have a new huge compost area and dream of a waste free food dehydrator for drying and storing the surplus of our crops. We are working for abundance and community, for freedom and self sufficiency. Longterm soil and seed trading is, I guess, our main goals for 2020.

We also returned to the water daily. It’s our swimming suits now hanging of the showers, it’s us receiving this gift of mellowing in warm water until we are taken back to the womb, it is us now stirring and purifying our inner liquids until we hear it all. So funny how it all happened so fast that it became rather rare for us to have an opportunity to be together in the pool.

Now the temple whispers he wants us to breathe, relax and enjoy. To give our kids the time we were lacking and the bliss of this liquid magic we created. So many lessons to be learned in water. So many messages to be heard. We have space now to Be here. At this moment in the world and their childhood. And for the moment, this is our biggest projection for the future. To take care of water and land, to grow self sufficient and to give our kids more presence, more conscience of an existence connected to all elements and to their essence. To us a family and to the universe as a whole. We want to teach them real mysteries and provide them abilities that will be valuable for their lives. Connecting with the process of growing food and honoring water, keeping the fire burning and winds blowing, that sounds simple and just about right.

I guess we deserve it. We gave so much these last years. We loved it. You all know we did, and big thanks to all that embarked with us on this journey. But for the time being we must now learn to receive.

But don’t worry, our dream of water temple is alive and shinning. We will be right here but just in a different vibration. We decided not to have groups or retreats in the farm this year. And next year we dream of making this wonderful agenda on standby, happen, in a more wonderful way, full of upgrades. 😌

Until we are together again, we send you a big massive wave of love, and wish it all flows smoothly for you. Next moments in the water together, will sure be times of celebration and magic and we look forward to them. But there is no rush now. The voice to hear is beat of our own heart.
So, dream big, beloved friends, and cease the opportunity.

Love your way,