Types of Sessions





This is a moment for you or to enjoy as a couple. Regardless of whether you want to relax or treat a physical condition, a session in the water will help to relax the body and revitalize the organism. The experience will allow a new perception of the senses and the awakening of liquid memories. A forgotten link to the water element and how beneficial it can be for us. From undulating movements, massages, floating and submersion, the guided body relaxes and flows with a river of warm and comforting temperatures.

Baby Swim

A newborn baby has a very recent memory of the comfort of warm water, the feeling of lightness and weightlessness, without external stimuli. The softness and warmth that these sessions provide will bring your baby great peace of mind, after the shock of coming out of the womb and facing a whole challenge of movement and gravity. There, with the therapist and one or both parents accompanying, it will be a time for them to start building their self-confidence, independence and healthy relationship with water. In addition to effortlessly strengthening the body, sessions for babies up to two years of age offer a great sense of freedom and connection between the intrauterine world and the outside world.


All mothers-to-be are grateful for an experience like this! Pregnancy is a phase in which the body gains a lot of tension and weight, and goes through profound changes – not all of them harmonious and peaceful. It is a time of hope and enlightenment, but also of some anxiety and fatigue. The benefits of water therapies for pregnant women have been recognized since ancient times. They bring a feeling of deep relaxation, in which body and mind disconnect from the outside and free themselves. The legs and arms lengthen, the head floats on a special pillow, the movements help to relax. Inside the belly, the baby will feel the flow of water and the mother’s well-being. It has been proven that massages during pregnancy are also beneficial in preventing postpartum depression or states of extreme fatigue. They will be a relief for cases of back pain, migraines and sleepless nights. The same applies to the postpartum phase. In the menu of available sessions, you will find this option, in which you can come alone or accompanied by your baby. Imagine yourself floating in a hot water pool, in a cozy and peaceful environment, with all the safety and comfort…

The sensation is of flying in a liquid state.

Water at 35ºC / 95ºF.

Unique moments of well-being.

The body floating without gravity due to the use of floats and the attentive presence of the therapist conducting the session; the massage, the ripple, the silence of submersion, the deep stillness of the underwater world. A return to our aquatic memory of coziness, security, home. This is a revitalizing experience, carried out in a peaceful and exclusive setting in Sintra. Throughout the year we receive different therapists, with different techniques, but all with the same objective: to provide you with unique moments of well-being, through the ancestral healing properties of water.