Tiago Paraíso

Flydeeper – Aquatic Healing Arts

Water therapies are his passion.

The “road” of life has brought him to this path. After a serious injury that left him limited in the movement of his back, only with the practice of aquatic therapies was he able to heal. This process was so transforming in his life, that since then he has been connected in his training and transmission of this knowledge and presence.

He has training in therapies such as Flydeeper, Watsu, Liquid Touch and others, in addition to his Masters in Psychology and a Post Graduation in Biostatistics.
Tiago is one of the aquatic facilitators at LiquidZome and believes that every being has a deep desire to be heard. He loves to listen. Allow him to hear you through the water.

Hugo Paulino

SOMATIQUA – Integrative Aquatic Therapy

He began his aquatic journey in 2014, since then participating in various Watsu, Water Dance, IAT (Pre Natal Journey) trainings and in several Watsu workshops. He also attended advanced training in Somatic Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Massage (Shiatsu).
While self-taught, he deepened practices of somato-emotional liberation and breathing.
All this learning served as the basis for his work in water which he calls Somatiqua, an aquatic therapy that integrates the psycho-emotional and bio-spiritual dimensions. It is a creative experience of expression, movement, touch, contact, which mobilizes your internal resources for repair, regulation and transformation of the body and mind.

For Hugo, it is important to create moments with a positive impact on people’s lives, so that they are inspired to take care of themselves … naturally.

Violeta Lapa

Aquatic Movement – Aquatic Therapy – Dance in water

Violeta is a person with an enormous sensitivity and went through a unique journey in discovering the element of water. Until a few years ago, she was afraid of the sea and big waves, a phobia that limited her and created constraints. She learned to swim and dance underwater. She then devoted himself to this vocation and her journey has been incredible. Founder of Oceans and Flow, she has taken dozens of people around the world on experiences that merge awareness of movement (or lack of) on land and water. Her main influences are Watsu, Flydeeper, Aquatic Doula, Embryology in water, psychological studies, free diving, sound healing with Tibetan bowls in water, meditation, Ai Chi, Yoga and Dragon Dreaming.

She researches the body “through different arts and body techniques, dancing in the water, freediving in apnea and more recently bodysurfing.” It was in the water that she found a purpose and a mission: “to take her message to more people and everything that this precious element allows us, facilitating experiences of self-knowledge and body awareness, through a unique set of experiences of reconnection with the water and with nature.”