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Hugo Paulino

SOMATIQUA – Integrative Aquatic Therapy

He began his aquatic journey in 2014, since then participating in various Watsu, Water Dance, IAT (Pre Natal Journey) trainings and in several Watsu workshops. He also attended advanced training in Somatic Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Massage (Shiatsu).
While self-taught, he deepened practices of somato-emotional liberation and breathing.
All this learning served as the basis for his work in water which he calls Somatiqua, an aquatic therapy that integrates the psycho-emotional and bio-spiritual dimensions. It is a creative experience of expression, movement, touch, contact, which mobilizes your internal resources for repair, regulation and transformation of the body and mind.

For Hugo, it is important to create moments with a positive impact on people’s lives, so that they are inspired to take care of themselves … naturally.