Aquatic Bodywork

An opportunity to free the body from the weight of gravity.

A moment of effortless floating and a unique feeling of detachment.

Discover the deeply relaxing effect of aquatic therapies. Massages and breathing techniques are conducted safely, with the support of a therapist and flotation accessories, in a pool specially built for this purpose. The water, heated to 35 degrees, is free of harmful chemicals. After a session, the body is refreshed and the mind calm.


A session in hot water facilitates movement and flexibility. It helps to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, neurological or orthopedic injuries, debilitations or muscular weaknesses. It increases the blood flow in the body and is also very beneficial in surgical recovery and throughout the pregnancy and postpartum process.


They are a unique way to take care of the body and mind. The sequence of movements, adapted to each case, can help to overcome illnesses or simply provide a water flight with an enormous sense of well-being. The therapist assumes the role of caregiver and is present to provide a safe environment, applying specific techniques, whether breathing, massage, stretching, relaxation or immersion, always respecting the limits and history of each person.


Water is an ancient source of health and well-being. It is an essential element of life, with countless therapeutic potentials. The planet and human body are made up of about 70% water. Knowing and taking good care of this fluidity determines the vitality of our health and the world around us. In any of its states, water not only hydrates and nourishes: it cleans, vibrates, reverberates, keeps memories, heals and allows for the existence of life.



There are no words available to describe the blessing I received. Gratitude!

Inês Viegas

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