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Rita Maldonado

Aguahara – Flydeeper

She grew up by the sea and always felt surrounded by its strength. She studied Biology and developed a perpetual curiosity about the human body and the elements that make up life. She became a researcher, looking for the mysteries of anatomy and physiology. She discovered that “there are many ways to cure physical illnesses”, and “that the cure goes beyond drugs.” Her encounter with water therapies was a kind of fusion of childhood roots with a thirst for knowledge about well-being and what makes us better.

“I went back to basics. I returned to my great passion”, she says. She has traveled the world, from Nepal to Ecuador, always in a learning process. Her talent is also directed towards doula work, providing support during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. One aspect of this follow-up is to combine the doula experience with aquatic therapies. About LiquidZome she says it is “the temple of water. A place to flow, to dive into the true essence, to transform ourselves into the best version of ourselves.”


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Já começaste a tua aprendizagem no mundo das terapias aquáticas?
Have you started your learning process in the world of aquatic bodywork?

Ainda estas a começar ou já tens experiência? Queres aprender mais e melhorar a tua técnica?

Are you starting or are you experienced? Do you want to learn more and improve your technique?