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Marjorie Sá

Water Doula – Reflexology – Ayurvedic – Thai Massage

Marjorie has a true vocation for understanding the magical process of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Her sessions with mothers or mothers-to-be are like a balm to calm tensions, relax and create harmony. However, Marjorie applies her massages to anyone, not just pregnant women and postpartum families. With a background in body therapies, women’s health and traditional midwifery, Marjorie has fused her knowledge of massage, meditation and dance into her work on aquatic therapies. Her methods range from Watsu, Thai massage, Reflexology, Herbal medicine, Taoism and Ayurvedic practices. She is one of the founders of WaterDoulas and author of the book “O Sagrado no Parto” (“The Sacred in Labour”),a pearl of wisdom and inspiration for any pregnant woman.

Já começaste a tua aprendizagem no mundo das terapias aquáticas?
Have you started your learning process in the world of aquatic bodywork?

Ainda estas a começar ou já tens experiência? Queres aprender mais e melhorar a tua técnica?

Are you starting or are you experienced? Do you want to learn more and improve your technique?