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Frequently Asked Questions


If you don’t find answers to your questions here, please contact us!


Not suitable for people with

exposed wounds
urinary infection
feverish state or nausea
menstrual period
last days of pregnancy
inner ear disorders
serious heart problems
contagious skin diseases
postoperative situations
neurological dysfunctions
epilepsy or neuropathy
multiple sclerosis


Ear problems?

People prone to ear infections should bring their own earplugs.


Physical limitations?

Any other physical or psychological limitation issues should be discussed with the therapist prior to the session.


What is LiquidZome?

It is a space where aquatic therapies and events related to movement and dance in the water are practiced. Sessions are individual and exclusive (no other presence in the pool), unless you choose a couple session or parent session or just the mother with her baby.


What kind of clothes will I wear?

You must wear a bathing suit or bikini. You can also choose to wear a tight-fitting t-shirt, as long as it doesn’t restrict movement or is uncomfortable. A shower cap is not required.


Is there any procedure for my arrival?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the person who will provide the session. You may share any limitations you have, any pain or discomfort.


How should I prepare for my session?

Bring a suit or swimming trunks.
Bring earplugs (only in case of ear problems or discomfort)
Do not eat food up to 1 hour before the session.
Avoid body oils/creams that could alter the quality of the water and the facilitator’s work.
Do not wear necklaces, bracelets or rings in the pool.
Discuss any and all health issues that you consider relevant (e.g. labyrinthitis, medication use, low blood pressure…).
Want to relax and have a beautiful experience.


Is it possible to choose the therapist?

When the calendar with available dates and times is displayed, the names of the therapist available for the type of session you want are visible. You can choose.


What are the expected benefits of a session?

After a session, you will feel a huge sense of well-being. Physically, you will relax your muscles through movement and floating. Mentally, you will have relief from pressures or states of stress. It can also be a moment of emotional discharge, which can be an unexpected benefit, but it also brings well-being.


How can I expect my day to be after a session?

It will be a very peaceful day, in which you gain a new calm. We recommend that after the session you drink more water than normal in order to restore natural hydration to your body.


Are there contraindications based on health status?

They exist and are indicated on our page dedicated to contraindications (link).


Is it possible to schedule a session for the next day?

It is possible that regular customers have this possibility, always subject to availability.


How are communications with LiquidZome handled?

Ideally all communications should be done via email, however we have a telephone contact that you can use if you feel that email is not your preferred tool.


What are the advantages of registering an account on our site?

Providing your personal data in accordance with the privacy policies of this website means that filling in the data is less exhaustive for each appointment, as it will only be necessary to indicate your name, email, date and time of your availability. You will also be able to access information regarding future appointments and thus optimize your experience on our website. Using your email, you can receive voucher offers from friends that can be used to book sessions without paying. When you log in to your account you will be able to view the following options, Orders, Address, Account Details and Coupons. In the orders option you can view your pending orders. In the Address option, your address. In the Coupons option, you can see if you receive an offer for any of our sessions.


How should I schedule a session through the website?

To schedule a session, you must choose the type of session, the therapist, the date and time, as well as fill out the form presented with your personal contact details. We suggest filling out the form in detail in order to create a basis for contact with the customer. Finally, you must make the payment using the bank details presented. For your comfort, after the purchase, your invoice will be sent via email.
If you have received a coupon through friends, you must follow the booking process and apply the code on the “view cart” page and proceed to “check out” where you can finalize, or pay the remaining amount.


How can I know if the appointment is approved?

As soon as you complete the appointment, you will receive an email with the information of the service ordered, reminding you of the date and time. The session will be confirmed once we can verify the payment.


Where should I send proof of payment?

Proof of transfer must be sent by email to the address: [email protected].


Can there be appointments for the same date and time?

Our space is for individual use. duplication of appointments by different people, which is why the first appointment to be paid will be the one approved. In this sense, the appointments chosen for the same direction, the appointments chosen for the same date and time that may or may not be accepted by the customer.


What payment methods are available to make a payment?

At the moment we only have the following methods available: Paypal, Credit Card (through the Paypal option), MBWAY and MultiBanco (ATM – services payment).


How do coupons work?

The coupons on this website correspond to a code that the customer will receive and can use when scheduling a session or when purchasing one of our products in the store, which aims to offer sessions or a pack of sessions to friends and family – GIFT VOUCHERS . They may represent a discount or the total purchase of a product or service already purchased. To find out if you have any pending offers, you must log in to your account with your user details and check the “my coupons” option.

If you received a coupon from someone, you must first register an account on the website and, once logged in, follow the reservation process and apply the code on the “check out” page where you can finish your booking or pay the remaining amount before to proceed to the confirmation page.


Purchase of products in the store. How it works?

The products presented in the store are gift vouchers or purchase of services that can be scheduled in the future. Once the total purchase of one of these products has been made, the customer will receive by email one or several coupon codes relating to the purchase, which they can use when booking each session by the person who will receive the GIFT VOUCHER. To receive these coupons, your friends must purchase these products in the store and send them to your email. For your comfort, after purchase, your invoice will be sent via email.


Check in and Reception

We give privileges to online booking in order to better manage your reservation details.
When you arrive, check in is carried out individually and exclusively.
We have installed hydro-alcoholic solution dispensing points especially for our customers.
We have eliminated all non-essential elements such as catalogues, leaflets and magazines.


Locker room, Cleansing and Pool Desinfection

For your complete peace of mind, our cleaning team is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting all contact surfaces between customers following the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health.
Exclusive use for you and your companions.
Before accessing the pool area, all customers must first take a shower in the pool area.
We apply the strictest cleaning and hygiene protocols, so you can feel at ease.
We implemented improvements in ventilation and air conditioning systems.
We adapted the temperature and humidity levels to make the environment safer.
We apply water and air disinfection treatments, with Hydrogen Peroxide and ultraviolet rays, in order to make it safe for you to stay in the water.
We apply space cleaning and disinfection protocols with certified disinfectant products and in accordance with the guidance of the General Directorate of Health.
The materials used are subjected to washing processes at temperatures above 60 ºC.



During Pandemica all our employees have received specialized training on the new specific protocols and will ensure that they are ensured at all times.

The safety distance between clients and staff must be maintained, with the exception of times when greater proximity is required (eg massage).

All our employees use personal protective equipment with approved masks. With your safety in mind, we set up permanent work teams.

Já começaste a tua aprendizagem no mundo das terapias aquáticas?
Have you started your learning process in the world of aquatic bodywork?

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Are you starting or are you experienced? Do you want to learn more and improve your technique?