Aquatic Bodywork

An unique way to take care of body and mind. The sequence of movements, adapted to each case, can help to overcome… Read more

Sessions benefits

A session in hot water facilitates movement and flexibility. Helps reduce pain, stress… Read more

Water magic

Water has the capacity to store memory and transform itself according to energy, vibration, temperature and intention. It is the essential element of life, the one we are 80% made of, and from which we all come from… Read More


The uniqueness of sacred geometry temple,

located in a World Heritage Site

between the mountains and the sea


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Violeta Lapa

Movimento Aquático - Terapia Aquática - Dança na Água

Rita Maldonado

Aguahara - Flydeeper - Dança aquática - Bodywork aquático

Marina Sans

Terapeuta - Formadora

Marjorie Sá

Watsu - Reflexologia - Ayurvédica - Massagens Tailandesas



Shira Maim Haim

WATER DANCE – Hidroterapeuta Nasceu e tem vivido em Israel e desde 2012 que vem fazendo o seu percurso profissional e espiritual ligada à água...

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There are no words available to describe the blessing I received. Gratitude!

Inês Viegas