What if you could fly…

What about fully surrendering to effortless floating freedom? Being able to release all tensions while your body is gently moved through warm water? What if you could fly underwater, being absolutely sure you’re safe and supported?

In our sessions, something very magical happens…

Quite often people say this was one of the most meaningful experiences of their lives. We know. This feeling was actually what moved us to build the Liquidzome.

The first sessions we received, around 10 years ago, were too incredible not to be shared. We fell in love, and decided to learn all about it. We trained and studied and practiced all over the world, to then realize these therapies really deserved a special place to be felt. Not a spa, not a gym, not a public pool or a wavy ocean. It deserved a place that could hold the sacredness of a temple and the intimacy of a womb. Because very often, that’s where we are taken: to our oldest memory, to our most divine place.

Magic is not something we can easily describe. Water is so much more than we think. We take it for granted but until this day, we are still discovering its power and its mysteries. Besides being essencial to life, – and what we are made of to the core of our cells – it’s something else. Believe us, we’ve seen it work wonders beyond explanation. And so we must share it. We must. The world needs it, more than ever. And we are honored that this is the medicine we are able to bring to you.

We so much want you not to miss out on this magic that we are offering a 20% discount, when you book a session with us today. Simply use the  FLY20 coupon code and offer yourself the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you for trusting and see you soon.

Offer some Love!

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Our Courses

Started your journey as a giver of aquatic bodywork? Dreaming of a perfect place where to train regularly and gather with the tribe? Join our practitioner events, the Guided Practices. 

Still a beginner or already a trained practioner? Want to learn more, receive great trainings and improve your practice?  

Join our Modules of the Practitioner Trainings with LiquidCosmos, (starting at level 0 and going up to 6!).You’ll get everything you need to become a top therapist.

Just add water.