Hugo Oliveira

Hugo Oliveira Aquatic Bodywork Practitioner at Liquidzome

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Born and raised with a profound appreciation for nature, Hugo has seamlessly woven his love for the earth into their life’s journey. With time, his passion for the ocean led him to the practice of some water sports like swiming, surf and bodyboard where he found both exhilaration and tranquility riding the waves. In his pursuit of holistic well-being, Hugo ventured into the realm of bodywork, drawn to the healing potential of both land and water therapies. Guided by the principles of Ayurveda, he embarked on a path as a land massage practitioner, integrating ancient wisdom with modern techniques to nurture the body, mind, and spirit. As a water Watsu – Liquid Flow Essence – Fly Deeper – Aguahara practitioner Hugo has began his training after the moment he and his partner finish the construtction of Liquizome and since the last 7 years he has being giving sessions and receiving trainning from different thecnhics. For Hugo, life is an ongoing dance with the elements—a journey of love, connection, and harmony with the world he hold dear.

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Discover the Science Behind Aquatic Bodywork in a Sacred Geometry Water Temple



Delve into the fascinating world of aquatic bodywork within a sacred geometry water temple nestled in the serene landscapes of Sintra, Portugal. The profound effects and scientific benefits of this therapy, conducted in warm waters by experienced therapists, offer a unique healing experience aimed at reconnecting individuals with nature in a conscious and transformative manner. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of this ancient practice, exploring the liquidzome environment designed specifically for aquatic bodywork, where elements harmonize to provide a rejuvenating and enlightening journey.


Unveiling Aquatic Bodywork – The Essence of Water Healing
Water has been recognized for its therapeutic qualities since ancient times. The essence of water healing in aquatic bodywork lies in its ability to support and move the body in ways not possible on land. In the buoyant embrace of warm water, muscles relax, joints decompress, and a sense of weightlessness takes over, allowing for a deeper state of relaxation. The water’s gentle resistance also provides a subtle form of hydrotherapy, enhancing circulation and promoting detoxification. Practitioners of aquatic bodywork use these properties to align, stretch, and guide the body through fluid movements, tapping into the restorative powers of water to heal both physically and emotionally. This form of therapy not only soothes sore muscles but also calms the mind, encouraging a meditative state that fosters total wellbeing.


Scientific Insights into Aquatic Therapy
Scientific research into aquatic therapy reveals tangible benefits for the body and mind. The warmth of the water works to increase blood flow, which can accelerate healing and reduce pain. This is particularly beneficial for those with chronic pain conditions or injuries. Additionally, the hydrostatic pressure exerted by water can decrease swelling and improve joint position awareness, which is crucial for recovery and rehabilitation. The psychological effects are equally impressive, with studies indicating that aquatic therapy can lower stress hormones, reduce anxiety, and enhance mood. Moreover, the rhythmic movements and breathing patterns required during aquatic bodywork can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to a restful and digest state that promotes internal healing. All these factors combine to make aquatic therapy a scientifically-backed approach to holistic healing and recovery.


The LiquidZome Experience – Embracing Sacred Geometry
Sacred geometry is integral to the LiquidZome experience. The water temple’s design is based on geometric patterns that are believed to resonate with the energy patterns of the universe. These shapes and proportions are found throughout nature and are thought to contribute to the healing powers of the environment. By embracing sacred geometry in its construction, the LiquidZome aims to align its visitors with these universal energies, enhancing the therapeutic effects of the aquatic bodywork provided within its space. The dome-like structure of the temple creates a sense of wholeness and infinity, enveloping clients in a tranquil and sacred atmosphere. This intentional design also amplifies sound and movement within the water, deepening the sensory experience of the therapy. Overall, the use of sacred geometry is not just aesthetic; it is a fundamental component that supports the transformative experience of the Liquidzome.


Expert Therapists in a Natural Sanctuary
At the heart of the LiquidZome experience are the expert therapists, each bringing a deep understanding of the healing arts to their practice. These professionals have honed their skills to work in harmony with water’s natural properties, offering personalized sessions that cater to each individual’s needs. With a focus on creating a safe and nurturing environment, therapists use a combination of techniques, ranging from gentle holds to dynamic stretches, allowing for a holistic healing process. The sacred geometry water temple is not just a setting for treatment but a natural sanctuary that enhances the therapeutic interaction. Surrounded by the tranquil landscapes of Sintra, the setting itself contributes to the healing journey, as the untouched beauty of nature supports deep relaxation and rejuvenation. The confluence of skilled therapists and the natural sanctuary provides an unparalleled experience of restoration and peace.

Lao Marin

Aguahara – Dança na Água

Nascida em Berlim e cidadã do mundo, Lao Marin teve o seu momento de life-changing em 2012. Acontece a muitas pessoas que têm encontros inesperados com este fascinante universo das terapias aquáticas: há um dia em que tudo muda. Desde aí tem estudado intensamente as práticas de aguahara e dança na água. Há cerca de um ano fundou a Somaquatics, onde desenvolve um trabalho pessoal e comunitário através de sessões individuais, workshops, cursos e retiros. Tornou-se terapeuta, cuidadora, ativista e professora, viajou para vários lugares onde explorou as suas técnicas e partilhou conhecimento com diferentes facilitadores desta área. Foi assim que nasceu a ideia de fazer um projecto chamado Temple of Water, que reúne uma comunidade dedicada a experiências na água, sejam elas artísticas, de cura ou até políticas. Nesta rede de contactos e vontade de conhecer o mundo e cada cultura, é fluente em alemão (a sua língua-mãe), inglês, espanhol e português.

A experiência de uma sessão individual com a Lao é por isso um momento único, onde todos os seus conhecimentos provenientes da dança e do tempo a que pratica e ensina aguahara, fazem desse momento, algo bastante especial que aconselhamos.

Ofer Rosenthal

Teraphist – Teacher


It was through the Psychology and Special Education course at the University of Bologna that Ofer Rosenthal arrived at water therapies. Further study for a thesis brought him closer to the enormous possibilities that dolphin therapies offer. At the same time, he became a freediver. The Dead Sea is his home, his temple where he dedicates much of his time, in an endless discovery of the benefits of water. About this change in her life, she says: “until today I have never stopped studying breathing, manual therapy, dance, movement disciplines, psychology, anatomy, ecotherapy, nutrition, music therapy, medicinal plants, spiritual practice, everything that enriches the meaning of life. life and is part of collective art.”

His favorite environment is the wild waters, but Ofer has traveled the world, taking his experience to countless places, both as a therapist and as a trainer in the modality he created: Flydeeper. One of his favorite sites is LiquidZome, and on it we leave his words in English (because some things get lost in translation):

“Liquid Zome is a temple of Love for water and earth,
is the Haven of Trust
it’s a Discovery Channel of the mind and the soul
the sacred geometry the lights
the cork isolation…
the hosts that driven for pleasure
the vision
many pool are active in the world, this is a big move with the fin towards infinity.”

The magic of craneo-sacral massage

Massagem sacro-craniana

A massagem sacro-craniana faz-se habitualmente após uma massagem normal na água, que à partida nos deixa com o relaxamento necessário para receber o bombom final. É algo um pouco inexplicável, porque só experimentando podemos sentir o que uns toques aparentemente simples alteram a nossa disposição e bem-estar. Realinhamento, despertar, abrir percepções, descansar, deixar de sentir peso e tensão facial… É realmente difícil explicar, por isso perguntámos à Marina Sans que processo é este, em que apenas segura na cabeça.

Antes do momento da massagem sacro-craniana, tu introduzes uma sessão de relaxamento em que trabalhas todo o corpo e fazes imersão. Porquê?

Antes do tratamento sacro-craniano na água, é necessário e muito positivo relaxar o corpo, especialmente o corpo articular, e também a mente, de forma a entrar na escuta crânio-sacral. Há mais possibilidade dos tecidos fluídos serem trabalhados. Não necessariamente com imersão, depende se as imersões relaxam quem vai receber a sessão.

A massagem sacro-craniana é subtil, quase imperceptível, no entanto, tem um objectivo específico. Podes explicar qual é?

O sistema sacro-craniano tem a função vital de manter saudável o meio em que o sistema nervoso central funciona, ou seja, o líquido cefalorraquidiano ou cerebro-espinal, que envolve e protege o cérebro e a medula espinhal, e em consequência as membranas meníngeas e os ossos aos quais se fixam, incluindo o crânio – abóbada, face e boca – e o sacro. O líquido cefalorraquidiano tem grande influência em muitas funções corporais.
Com um leve toque, um terapeuta treinado pode perceber as pulsações do sistema crânio-sacral transmitidas a todo o corpo através do sistema fascial. Como cada órgão, cada músculo, cada veia é envolvida por esta fáscia, uma restrição nela pode alterar a estrutura do corpo e afetar sua função. O trabalho terapêutico consiste em ajudar o paciente a restabelecer o fluxo normal de movimento pela atenuação ou desaparecimento dessas resistências.
Essa metodologia tem mostrado, além de relaxar e proporcionar clareza, aliviar uma ampla gama de distúrbios como disfunções congênitas, problemas de sucção e respiração em bebés, lesões do sistema nervoso central, medula espinhal e nervos cranianos, dor craniofacial e enxaqueca, fadiga e estresse, descoordenação motora, dor crónica no pescoço e nas costas, escoliose, discopatias, hérnia de disco, bruxismo e disfunções da articulação temporomandibular (ATM), distúrbios de aprendizagem, stress pós-traumático e emocional, autismo e transtornos de conduta.
É também recomendado como tratamento preventivo, pois melhora o sistema imunológico e proporciona mais energia, qualidade de sono e equilíbrio físico e mental.

Com as tuas mãos, sentes onde a massagem está a actuar? É diferente de pessoa para pessoa?

Oh, sim! Sinto os três pulsos ou fluxos diferentes (gosto de chamá-los de marés) do líquido cefalorraquidiano – quando atinge a cabeça, circunda o cerebelo e o cérebro e se expande pela coluna vertebral. Muda muito de pessoa para pessoa e na mesma pessoa em momentos diferentes. Já o fluxo desse fluido varia de acordo com as tensões ou bloqueios entre os ossos cranianos e espinhais e o estado da fáscia (conectado a tudo). Portanto, cada sessão varia conforme o estado do mar varia a cada dia.

Muitas vezes a capacidade de visão depois desta massagem fica melhor. Qual é a razão?

Sim. O líquido cefalorraquidiano encontra-se por trás dos olhos. Quando o crânio e a coluna são desbloqueados e o líquido pode fluir melhor, aumenta a quantidade de fluído que sustenta os olhos, por trás, para que a transmissão de informações entre eles e o sistema nervoso seja mais fluida e direta.

Que feedback tens das pessoas que recebem esta massagem? Como se sentem na maioria das vezes?

Resultados recorrentes após a terapia são sensação de melhor visão, maior clareza, eixo. Calma. Mais energia disponível. E muitos outros… Normalmente todos saem de uma sessão sacro-craniana felizes. Quem quer se integrar bem neste trabalho costuma fazer um processo de 10 sessões.

Quais são as condições ideais para um terapeuta aplicar esta massagem?

Para o tratamento sacro-craniano na água, as condições necessárias para este são muito precisas. Uma delas é silêncio, para ouvir o movimento de um líquido interno na cabeça da pessoa que recebe a sessão… A água na qual o corpo flutua deve estar em total quieta. Se for uma piscina, não pode haver outras pessoas nela ou qualquer tipo de circulação ou movimento da água durante o tempo de tratamento.
Outro aspecto importante é a temperatura. Sendo um tratamento que escuta os movimentos internos do corpo, mas sem movimentos externos e níveis elevados de relaxamento são alcançados, é essencial trabalhar na água à temperatura corporal (34-35 graus). O LiquidZome, para além de especial pelo seu carácter precioso e mágico, é uma das piscinas mais bem climatizadas que conheço.

Kfir Kol

I have been an athlete my entire life and started playing water polo at age 10. As an adult, I have found a balance between bodywork and different mind-body healing treatments and therapy. I am trained in hydrotherapy and when my (now 17-year-old) daughter was born I started observing and learning babies’ movement in the water. Currently I make a living working with babies in the water. I am also trained in Water Dance, Watsu, Healing Dance, Shiatsu, Thai massage, Yoga and Pilates.

Let´s talk?

“The silence inside the bubble is one of the most intense impacts for anyone receiving an aquatic therapy, as it allows you to hear the heart impulses, combined with relaxation of the nervous system and a unique invitation to inhabit a specific and exclusive brain frequency, similar to the one we have waking up from sleep. In this article, we wanted to explore ways in which the receiver can open a window of conversation. This allows us, as facilitators, to invite talking during a hydrotherapy session.”

This is how Ofer Rosenthal, creator of Fly Deeper, begins a text in which he talks about the possibility of leaving an open door to conversation. The somatic experience in water allows “the mind and thoughts to be in a precious ‘vacation’ state”, which is why hydrotherapy is often approached as a moment of silence. However, verbal communication can bring benefits. Ofer points out which ones.

“One of the most common issues: when staying in the water for a long time, the need/urgency to pee arises, for some it will be easier to avoid it, for others it will be difficult to stay the whole session without draining liquids, due to various physical and emotional conditions, many of them related to the session, such as pregnancy, for example. A simple glass of water that was offered before the session or a smoothie that was drunk before coming with a light stomach and not hungry can change the conditions.”

“The urge to pee takes the recipients’ minds back to their bodies and needs, was stuck on the topic of inconvenience for the rest of the session and, for some, can trigger strong memories of shame and guilt; from an early age, when urinating in the bed or in the pants, which is very common in many children or even in adulthood for various reasons.”

“Even as a facilitator, I have experienced many times the need to interrupt a session for a urination break. I had the clock before my eyes to know how long I need to wait and the opportunity to have a break to take care of my needs. Hence this article it is also to remind us facilitators of this fact.”

“When touching on the primordial concept of basic needs, it must be remembered that also the “number 2″ can appear while all the organs are enjoying weightlessness, emotional release and a hydrodynamic massage.”

Pain perception

“Another common reason to invite those receiving a session to feel more comfortable talking is that there will usually be an awakening of important and relevant personal issues that were not addressed during the initial conversation, such as a neck injury or tenderness in certain parts of the body. This forgetfulness can have several reasons – it can happen because it takes some time to gain confidence or simply because people don’t remember these topics, they were well hidden by the subconscious.”


“When we are in a deep, special and moving session, it is almost certain that something will change and that we will no longer be in that “place” where we were. It is essential for the facilitator to be updated, to allow sharing the same page and, above all, to understand. Any session has the potential to heal or overlook these issues.

Not afraid to speak

“To take a broader view of compassion, we must remember that most people are not high-level meditators. Being in total silence for 45 minutes or more can be demanding for some people and intimidating for others. If we know that the doors to a conversation are open, everything can change smoothly and allow authentic and precious expressions to emerge in this encounter, raw and without pretense.”


“Water therapy has the privilege of touching deeply on many of these primordial topics, one after the other – we are able to touch the story behind the stories. As our skills grow beyond basic movements and gestures, we see the bigger picture and lead recipients to disassociate the concepts of “no control” or “helplessness”. Even without knowing what will happen, they are invited to express themselves.”


“A session has the potential to invoke, awaken and deconstruct strong pillars of self-perception created by society, such as intimacy, tolerance, acceptance and trust.”



Flothetta’s story and the establishment of Float Therapy

The idea of Flothetta ( was conceived in the year 2012 by Unnur Valdís, a Product Designer with a special interest in health and wellbeing. The birthplace of the design – Iceland – is a land of wealth when it comes to thermal pools, due to the geological location of the country. The original design consists of a set of leg floats and one head piece, designed to support independent floating in any water as a way to relax, reduce muscle and skeleton stress, letting go of emotional and mental stress and improve overall body-spirit connection. Now Flothetta’s product line offers variety of high quality products for individuals and Aquatic Therapists.

Flothetta is a story of a design project that has given birth to nourishing water wellness culture. The vision of the project was, from the very beginning, been to make healing water activities accessible for all to enjoy. Since the design became available it has opened up a world of healing togetherness in the water, forming little communities where people meet up to enjoy nourishing experiences together in the water.

In 2017 Unnur started collaboration with Omer Shenar, Aquatic Bodyworker specialized in Rehabilitation Hydrotherapy and with skills on many aquatic bodywork techniques. Together they developed “Float Therapy”, which is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic group activity with a training program alongside it. Together they blend experience, skills and passion into a very compact and thoughtful training program that brings quality and high standard approach into the needs of participants and holds space for a beautiful group activity in the water.

Omer Shenar

Therapist – Trainer

Watsu – Jahara – Water Dance – Aguahara – Aqua Stretch – Bad Ragaz – Pilates
Shiatsu – Craniosacral – Animo-Tuina – Myofascial Release

Omer combines the best of both worlds: he integrates conventional western physical therapy principles
with holistic methods of care more known in the East. His training as a hydrotherapist (in
Wingate Institute in Israel) was directed towards rehabilitation which he practiced intensely for the last seven years., working 

at the Sheba medical center in Tel Aviv, ranked as one of the best
hospitals in the world. The experience he gained led him to understand that each person has
its own needs and that there are no hard lines in the healing and treatment processes. This is his
philosophy: to find balance in working the body, mind and spirit as
a whole, without forcing anyone into uncomfortable situations.
As a therapist, Omer brings together several strands and chooses those that best adapt to
each person. He is a connoisseur of human anatomy and physiology with immense experience in physical and traumatic rehabilitation. 

With the evolution of his knowledge and development of a partnership with Flothetta (a line of specifically designed accessories for aquatic sessions, created by Unnur Valdís) , he created ‘Float Therapy’, a deeply meditative technique that he teaches in trainings all over the world.

When in Portugal, he regularly works with us at the LiquidZome.
Instagram: omer_shenar
Facebook: /omer.shenar.7

Shira Maim Haim

Walking the path of water healing since 2012, Shira is a certified Hydrotherapist with rich experience. Shira is certified with the leading coursework on the approaches to water therapy including Watsu, Waterdance, Fluid Presence and additional therapeutic methods. She has developed groundbreaking programs that develop a love of water in children. Combining a holistic and spiritual approach with hundreds of hours of coursework.
Shira has carried out aquatic bodywork sessions for thousands of clients around the globe.

My sessions immerse you in a tranquil water setting where fear and pain can bubble to the surface, yielding profound healing and transformation.