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O Nosso Blog

Shira Maim Haim

WATER DANCE – Hydrotherapist

She was born and has been living in Israel and since 2012 she has been making her professional and spiritual path linked to water.

Her areas of investigation are Hydrotherapy, Watsu, Watsu for Newborns, Flydeeper, Water Dance and Fluid Presence.

In recent years, she has studied and carried out deep research in search for answers to basic questions:

– How can we use water as a “self-healing” tool?

– How does water affect our bodies, hearts and souls?

– How can we impact water with our intentions and prayers?


These fascinating topics lead her to the deepest, truest connection to the element and towards having an even greater gratitude towards living water.

Moved by the passion of her work, Shira travels the world to facilitate treatments, whether to newborns, pregnant women, people in need of Hydrotherapy treatments or anyone looking for a good session. When in Portugal, she works with us at the LiquidZome.


“I love the water

Water rises through me

And you bring out my greatest achievements

the master in me

And the forces that are within me”


Shira: Thank you for the opportunity to support body, heart and soul.

Us: Thank you for contributing to the development of our project with humility and love.