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Marina Sans

Liquid Cosmos

Each Marina session is unique, thought out and conducted according to her reading of the person receiving that experience. Her incredible “sense-ability” and unique philosophy developed overtime, make her a subtle and precise reader of the body’s needs. Her work is as delicate as it is profound. After going through the learning and practice of Watsu, Aguahara and Butoh Dance, among other techniques of aquatic therapies, Marina created Liquid Cosmos (Somatic Education for Aquatic Bodywork). She is a deep connoisseur of the human body and her research on anatomy is in continuous evolution. She is fascinated by the discovery of the other and dedicated to water and to the awareness of touch.
She grew up on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, her name is Marina and she is a Pisces. Someone likely born to be aquatic… Before devoting herself 100% to Somatics in water, her work involved directing documentaries in the fields of anthropology and sociology. She spent long periods with tribes in the Amazon and Africa, where she enriched her connection to nature and to ancestral wisdom. Nowadays, she dedicates most of her time giving sessions at LiquidZome and training new therapists around the world, as it is also through this sharing of knowledge that she discovers more about human beings and herself.

Já começaste a tua aprendizagem no mundo das terapias aquáticas?
Have you started your learning process in the world of aquatic bodywork?

Ainda estas a começar ou já tens experiência? Queres aprender mais e melhorar a tua técnica?

Are you starting or are you experienced? Do you want to learn more and improve your technique?