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Fascia and the somatic aquatic experience

This journey starts by meeting Marina Sans, founder of Liquid Cosmos, a very particular style, developed by this water goddess, master of Aguahara and eternally curious about the mysteries that surround our body. One of them is the fascia, a layer like a net which is found in all parts of the body (between the skin and the muscles and between the bones) and which holds within itself a specific sensitivity, the subject of Marina’s investigations. Having this therapist at Liquid Zome is not only a pleasure for her energy and company, but also for her ability to share knowledge, with and without words, just by observing the way she works her art.

Life source

The importance of water and the enormous reach of its benefits can be understood in so many ways. At Liquid Cosmos, that understanding goes deeper. It has a reading of the experience in the physiological, therapeutic and artistic field. It’s like a dance, but designed to touch the most relevant points of the fascia. The practitioner that guides us through the waters and leads us in movements, has a different awareness of touch. For this, it is necessary to feel the needs and state of the person receiving the session, to realize if they are tired or with a lot of energy, if there is a physical problem or just the desire to relax. Inside, as if by magic, we will always discover more. And sometimes what’s too much has to come out. It is the transcendence of the waters and their healing power. You can always go further and be surprised.

Listening to the body

The multiple states of consciousness and perception, the motors of action and emotion, the dynamics of the arms, legs, trunk, head, all these are factors evaluated in a fluid session focused on the fascia element. Hence its somatic character, in which the objective is to relieve the body and mind of tension and discomfort, of ailments and disturbances, which are so often hidden. In this type of investigation and exploration of somatic education, there is a whole journey to access all layers of the body, from skin, to muscles, to organs and to each person’s complete and unique universe. The more one studies about the somatic experience from the fascia, the more paths are opened for new movements and new sensations in the water.

Já começaste a tua aprendizagem no mundo das terapias aquáticas?
Have you started your learning process in the world of aquatic bodywork?

Ainda estas a começar ou já tens experiência? Queres aprender mais e melhorar a tua técnica?

Are you starting or are you experienced? Do you want to learn more and improve your technique?