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Pregnancy and Postpartum Voucher (1 individual session)

Aquatic Bodywork experience for 1 person.

1 double session of 60 minutes

flexible schedules

When making your purchase, you must mention the following in the remarks field:

  1. The name of the person who gives the present and the name of the one who receives
  2. How to send the voucher: by post, digitally and digitally for printing.

Shipping costs by postal mail are included in the price, in case the shipment is made to national territory (Portugal).



Ensure your well-being in pregnancy and postpartum.

Enjoy the process of pregnancy in the best possible way, in a sequence of sessions that will accompany you until the moment of birth.

All mothers-to-be are grateful for an experience like this! Pregnancy is a phase in which the body gains a lot of tension and weight, with profound changes throughout the body – not all of them harmonious and peaceful. It is a time of hope and enlightenment, but also of some anxiety and fatigue. The benefits of water therapies for pregnant women have been recognized since ancient times. They bring a feeling of deep relaxation, in which body and mind disconnect from the outside and free themselves. The legs and arms lengthen, the head floats on a special pillow, the movements help to relax. Inside the belly, the baby will feel the flow of water and the mother’s well-being. It has been proven that massages during pregnancy are also beneficial in preventing postpartum depression or states of extreme fatigue. They will be a relief for cases of back pain, migraines and sleepless nights. The same applies to the postpartum phase.


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