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Baby Swim Voucher (1 individual session)

Experience in Aquatic Bodywork

1 session of 60 minutes

Flexible schedules

Showers, towels, creams, shampoos and moisturizing oils available

Diaper changing space

Serene and relaxed atmosphere



It is one of the most beautiful experiences in the water, watching a baby surrender to the warmth and comfort, the feeling of returning to the womb, lightness and total relaxation. Babies have a recent memory of non-gravity movements and this gives them immediate well-being. The sounds of the water are familiar, they are a home, a warmth, a memory. These sessions promote a more gradual and harmonious encounter with the outside world.

A newborn baby has a very recent memory of the comfort of warm water, the feeling of lightness and weightlessness, without external stimuli. The softness and warmth that these sessions provide will bring your baby great peace of mind, after the shock of coming out of the womb and facing a whole challenge of movement and gravity. There, with the therapist and one or both parents accompanying, it will be a time for them to start building their self-confidence, independence and healthy relationship with water. In addition to effortlessly strengthening the body, sessions for babies up to two years of age offer a great sense of freedom and connection between the intrauterine world and the outside world.

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