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The Ocean Within




From the 30th of October to 1st of November - 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm.
To secure your place, please email us and follow pre-booking requirements.
*To garantee nobody misses an opportunity, booking will only be confirmed after enrolment of 20% of course's value.



Lunch is not included, nevertheless we regularly order tasty vegetarian meals for an extra 12€/day. (*by previous request and according to course/workshop schedules). Fruits and natural drinks are included and provided throughout the day.

Price Early Bird: €350 until the 1st of October
Normal price: €400  



Sintra's a mystical place and natural World Heritage site, just 30km away from Lisbon. From the airport it is a 50minute train ride (after one subway stop) and quite easy to explore around. You shouldn't miss it. If you need, we can give you some hints on where to go, sleep and eat, so you'll have the best possible time while here.


with Rita Maldonado

from 30th to 1st of November 2020

With my heart full, I invite you once again to a 3-day immersion in ourselves. We are water. And in each of us, there is an immense ocean. For three days, we will dive from the surface, until we reach the depths of our Being.

Until we reach the Ocean Within.


Friday, October 30th Morning

14h - Arrival : Opening Ceremony 16h - Water Initiation Ritual . A ritual that begins with a meditative practice out of water, in which we connect with this element, with its healing qualities and with our own body. In respect and connection, we do an initiation ceremony, one by one, where we offer ourselves to the water mother.

20h - Dinner

21h - Shamanic Journey at the Sacred Fire Driven by the sound and vibration of the shamanic drum, we will enter together into the "invisible world" of the subconscious. An awakened dream, where we will connect with our guides and power animals to lead us to the messages, responses, and teachings we seek or need at this point in our lives.

Saturday, October 31

8h30 - Breakfast

9h30 - Touching the surface
In this session we will start touching the water. We will begin by connecting with the water through the breath, with an Ai Chi practice. From here, we slowly progress to the interaction between our skin and the skin of the water, exploring each sensation and integrating the information transmitted by our cells.

13h - Lunch 

16h - Diving in the Ocean Within In this session we will deepen and explore the touch and movement from the muscles, the fascia and the bones.We will focus on the reactions of our body as we go deeper and find out what messages we can receive during this practice.

20h - Dinner

21h - Blue Moon Ceremony in the Sacred Water . With the moonlight bathing the zome, the stars enchanting the night, and a very special guest who will take us on a sound journey through the Universe, we will experience the connection among music, water, the moon and ourselves. This is a very special day, when the Blue Moon teaches us to flow and to let ourselves be carried away, connecting us with the divine. It is also the day of Samhain, when we honor those who have left and celebrate the invisible. The veil between the worlds is thin and the connection is deep.

Sunday, November 1st

8h30 - Breakfast

9h30 - Return to the Surface After reaching the depths of our ocean within, we will return to the lightness of the surface, where we can integrate all the sensations, emotions and messages that we received during this liquid journey. In a guided session of FlyDeeper, we will take care of ourselves together and feel light, in every sense.

13h - Lunch

15h - Liquid Dance It is time to express our creativity and dance freely in the liquid universe. We are a family of aquatic beings celebrating life together.

18h - Closing Ceremony


There will be the possibility of sleeping together at the zome.

Accommodation is simple and shared. If you are looking for more privacy and comfort, we suggest Cabriz Eco Guesthouse, Casa Azul or Moura Lua. All the meals for the three days are included: vegetarian meals, healthy and cooked with love.


350 € - early bird special price until October 1st

400 € - normal price, after October 1st *

Possibility to pay in two parts: one by bank transfer at the time of registration and the other on the 1st day of the retreat (in cash).

* There are only 10 places and previous events have always sold out. If you feel that this immersion calls for you, get in touch


Rita Maldonado :

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