Aquatic Bodywork Experience for One Person

1 session of 60 minutes

flexible schedules

When making your purchase, you must mention the following in the remarks field:

  1. The name of him who gives and the name of him who receives
  2. The way of sending the voucher: by post, digitally and digitally for printing.

Shipping costs by postal mail are included in the price, in case the shipment is made to national territory (Portugal).

Offer something special.

This is a time for the person you are thinking about to enjoy. Regardless of whether you want to relax or treat a physical condition, a session in the water will help to relax the body and revitalize the organism. The experience will allow a new perception of the senses and the awakening of liquid memories. A forgotten link to the water element and how beneficial it can be for us. From undulating movements, massages, floating and submersion, the guided body relaxes and flows with a river of warm and comforting temperatures.


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