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WATSU 1, 2




WATSU 1 from 10th to 16th of October. WATSU 2 from 3rd to 8th of November. 
To secure your place, please email us and follow pre-booking requirements.
*To garantee nobody misses an opportunity, booking will only be confirmed after enrolment of 20% of course's value.



Lunch is not included, nevertheless we regularly order tasty vegetarian meals for an extra 12€/day. (*by previous request and according to course/workshop schedules). Fruits and natural drinks are included and provided throughout the day.

700€ full fare ( 1 class ) 
670€ early birds for ( Watsu 1 )
1111€ both courses.

Basic auditors reduction of 75€ All prices include course fare + Waba fee + pool entrance + usb with video and English manual. The course is authorized and certify by WABA.  *includes access to the pool



Sintra's a mystical place and natural World Heritage site, just 30km away from Lisbon. From the airport it is a 50minute train ride (after one subway stop) and quite easy to explore around. You shouldn't miss it. If you need, we can give you some hints on where to go, sleep and eat, so you'll have the best possible time while here.




3rd To 8th of November


Do you already know what WATSU is ? 

Watsu is a soothing aquatic bodywork, done in warm water at around 35C. It was created on the basis of zen shiatsu, by Therapist Harold Dull, in the early 1980s. The one receiving this therapy is continuously supported by the arms of a therapist and by water, being rocked, stretched and guided in and by the currents. Quiet movements are alternated with rhythmic ones which liberate the body in ways not achieved on land. The water, heated to body temperature warmth, dissolves tension in the muscles, mind and soul, promoting deep relaxation. Both patient and therapist benefit from this practice.

• Value : 

700€ full fare ( 1 class ) 

670€ early birds for ( 1 course )

1300€ both courses.

Basic auditors reduction of 75€

All prices include course fare + Waba fee + pool entrance + usb with video and English manual. 

The course is authorized and certify by WABA. 

• Where :

Liquid zome - Sintra - Portugal 

In case you need accommodation, we suggest you get in touch with our partners at @cabrizecoguesthouse, a beautiful homy place 5 min away from the pool. It costs around 35€/night, breakfast included. They can also have other vegetarian meals prepared specially for you at extra requirement and cost). 

If you are interested please let us know or contact the guesthouse directly! 

More info on the guest house here: 

Other options:

Casa Azul -

Moura Lua - 

• The instructor : 


Shiatsu practitioner since 1991 and teacher of bodywork and postural gymnastics since 1994.

Certificated Watsu Practitioner since 1998 and Watsu teacher since 1999 by Harold Dull, creator of the method.

In 2000 she founded, together with other teachers, the Watsu Italia Association, the first Italian training institute.

Since 2012 she manages ACQUACADABRA, a facility with heated pool, located at Sasseta Alta Agribenessere, in Scansano, Tuscany, a reference point for the practice and teaching of Watsu in Italy,.

In 2014 she began studying osteopathy and collaborating with a professional osteopath, a research aimed at the application of osteopathic principles and techniques to the bodywork in water, with special reference to Watsu.

Currently, she is dedicated to the teaching and professional practice of Watsu and the aquatic disciplines, in a continuous research for the integration of osteopathy with the aquatic bodywork.

Immerse your self at this experience !  

For reservations and more infos, contact us at

We are very happy to have your presence here and hope to see you in the water soon!

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