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Float Therapy Class meditation




6th and 7th of October 2020 from 7pm to 10 pm.
To secure your place, please email us and follow pre-booking requirements.
*To garantee nobody misses an opportunity, booking will only be confirmed after enrolment of 20% of course's value.



6 participants – 90 € per participant
*includes access to the pool



Sintra's a mystical place and natural World Heritage site, just 30km away from Lisbon. From the airport it is a 50minute train ride (after one subway stop) and quite easy to explore around. You shouldn't miss it. If you need, we can give you some hints on where to go, sleep and eat, so you'll have the best possible time while here.

Float Therapy Class Meditation
6th and 8th of October 2020

The vision of “Flothetta”
is to bring people closer to the healing properties of the water and to experience relaxation, stress relief, inner connection, joy and open heart. The idea behind float class meditation is to join people together but with “zoom in” to the individual within the group. float therapy class will involve floating, soft movements and aquatic bodywork touch establishing wide spectrum of a safe and trustful float environment for the receivers, allowing different target groups to float, taking care of the receiver needs: physically or holding the space and giving support when needed. 

About Flothetta:
The birthplace of the float gathering is Iceland. For centuries the Icelanders have enjoyed the healing properties of the water, establishing a strong connection to the water due to the geological location of the country experiencing all forms of water. The vision and concept of Flothetta was conceived in the year 2012 with a special interest in health and wellbeing. Flothetta conducts: Float therapy classes, float gatherings, training program of 3 levels and designed products supporting the vision & concept. 

Technical info:
Timetable – up to 1.5 hours
- Number of participants: max 6

- Gathering at appointed time - Opening on land with introduction and some explanation: 10min - Getting ready to go in the water: 5-10 min - Float Class Therapy: 55- 60 min (Preformed in standing and moving in water) - Integration and awakening, support and Feedback: 10-15 min - Showers: 10-15 min

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