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Surrendering to a warm liquid experience will relax the body and awaken deep sensations in the soul. We have different therapists along the year that offer different sessions during their time with us. Let us know your timing so we can book your flowing moment.


Whether you just feel like relaxing, or wish to heal some physical or spiritual condition, treatment in the water will help you by allowing the body to relax with zero gravity at the warm temperature of the bloodflow, while streching and closing, while flowing and flying, while remembering. Memories of water and consciessness will arise with the extra awareness of the senses and the fluidity of the movement.


Give your newborn baby the safe and conforting experience of returning to the womb, to the warm water that holds and whispers, to the freedom of movement, to lightness and deep relaxation.


Every mum needs one.


Water improves motion and flexibility, increases blood flow and relaxes the body. The warmth (35ºC) and the lack of gravity (allowed by floats), allow muscles and mind to fully surrender, while helping to reduce pain, stress or anxiety. Aquatic therapy can be used even if a patient does not know how to swim, is pregnant or has some water related trauma. It helps healing, remembering, surrendering and liberating.


IS GOOD FOR: Stress * Anxiety * Low back pain * Joint paint from sports or daily repetitive activities * Neurological and orthopedic injuries * Post-surgical debilitation * Muscle weakness from injury or illness * Pre & Post Pregnancy *... You name it. The therapist is there to provide a safe environment and introduce touch, breath, dance and in some cases, submersion techniques to help you experience further.


the brain to process the signals from your muscles more thoroughly. It has more time, which is an ideal benefit for rebuilding muscle memory. Because you aren’t able to move as quickly, you can be more conscious about how your body is moving. This brings a feeling of liquid mindfullness that can access your physical and spiritual body, bringing benefits to the whole being.

Sessions Menu 

Only You


The whole place to yourself.

Flight for two


Invite someone you love and get a romantic discount.

Baby Swim


Make your baby feel back in the womb and watch the water work its magic on developing strenght and skills, sleep improvement and brain activity.

*30 minutes session

Yes, you can


Invite your friends and book a one hour session altogether for less money. Max. 3 persons.
*amount per person in special ocasions

Valid from 21.04.2019 to 7.05.2019 

Pack of five


Plan ahead and pay €20 less per session.


Surprise someone with an experience they will never forget.

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