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Top therapists and aquatic bodyworkers from around the globe come and share their knowledge with us throughout the year. Check our calendar and choose which event suits you best. 

Liquid Touch

From 5 to 10 of July
                                                                                                                    Liquid Touch is an exploration of our most essential sense, touch. 

Our body-mind develop in a protected liquid environment for 9 months in constant contact. From the meeting of two cells we are transforming into complex organisms. At birth a journey begins where our senses develop and coordinate throughout our lives.

Our skin is the sensitive map that connects us to the outside world. But touch is not perceived only from the skin. When we touch, systems of our body-mind are activated.
In Liquid Touch we invite you to a sensitive journey and somatic exploration of touch in the water.

Aquatic diagnosis - how to read movement patterns. Observe the different tendencies of the bodies to move in water.

Palpatory anatomy - From the most dense to the most subtle ... from the most solid to the most liquid. Learn to distinguish different structures of the body in water environment.

Tensegrity also called Floating Compression - The concept of Tensegrity applied to the human body has revolutionized our biomechanical vision of movement. We will explore the synergies between the elements of tension and compression of the body on land and in water.

Fascia - This three-dimensional network of connective tissues is responsible for our shape, movement and protection. It also transmits information and connects all our systems. We will investigate the physiological processes of fascia in aquatic therapies.

Mirror-touch synesthesia - The capacity to experience a similar sensation in the same part of the body that another person feels. Mirror neurons and empathy in bodywork. Water memory - New scientific visions and their practical application within the human body for therapeutic purposes.

We will explore all of these concepts through personal meditations, one on one sessions, group dynamics and dance... in warm chemical-free water.

Fran Cesk
Fran is a passionate and intuitive therapist with background in Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Thai massage and holistic medicine with more than 15 years in healing experience. Living nomad lifestyle he shares bodywork all over the world integrating ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. Contact improvisation dancer and yoga practitioner he dedicate his life to explore human connections trough water-dance-touch. Swimmer as teen ager he convert his passion into his profession. As Physiotherapist he has been use water therapy for rehab in neurological patients with great results, playful time and joy.
He believes water is a beautiful and powerful medicine to share

Sandra Morell

Sandra shares her deep connection with the water as a vehicle to connect to our essence. After she finished her studies in Occupational Therapy and Health in Madrid, Sandra started a journey that brought her to discover and explore different bodywork techniques, massage, healing practices, dance and yoga.
She always had a special relationship with water, but when she discovered Aguahara a new universe of aquaticness open up to her and since then she follows the path of the water. She is in a deep exploration of this new ways to communicate with the water, our bodies and our authentic beings. For the past 6 years she has intensively been teaching and facilitating courses, treatments and aquatic experiences in different Waters of the world. Now her main focus is the water dance exploration, authentic being research and creating spaces for sharing this water experiences.

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