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Top therapists and aquatic bodyworkers from around the globe come and share their knowledge with us throughout the year. Check our calendar and choose which event suits you best. 

Baby Swim

                                                                                                                                                                From 25 to 30 of July

Water Babies is a 'training retreat' for families with babies form 3 weeks to 18 months!

For during 6 days we have classes every morning, followed by a wellness optional program with postpartum mothercare and family/individual sessions.

 The Babies will be divided based on development and age to small groups. Through the babies experience of freedom and independence in the water babies feel their strength, build self-confidence and create a strong bond with their parents.

The training include:

- Basic support to help you hear and know what the baby needs in and out of the water building a circle of trust.

- The babies will work on balancing, shifting their weight down to their feet, sitting, standing, holding themselves out of the water, watsu'le free flow, rolling and flipping.

- Kole will teach you everything he knows about babies behavior in the water.

For babies encountering difficulties in the water we will have special 1:1 meeting.

About Kole: "I have worked with babies in water for 14 years now, I have 3 kids that I raise like dolphins.

I believe that by working with babies in the water they reach their mental and physical potential both in and out of the water. I have worked with babies in India, Thailand, Portugal, Israel and America.

More information about me and my work can find in my website www.kfirkol.tk "


50€ for 1 training day

240€ for 6 training days

* This prices do not include food, accommodation or extra afternoon individual sessions

We recommend you to participate at least in 3 sessions . Number of places are limited so it is best to reserve a spot early!

***More information and reservation: waterdoulas@gmail.com

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